Christmas time!

On Christmas day I got some pretty cool stuff. Under the tree I saw 2 presents. One was a ‘flippin’corn hole game that you have a thing on the back of it and you put the beanbag on it and flip it. Another was robots. They follow a path on winding piece of paper. It’s like following a maze a round and a round. Last that was in our stocking was an iPhone. I was really happy because I had a list of things I had hoped for and I got it! I have downloaded all the games I wanted and I am happy.

Something else I did was see Uncle Peter and his family. For Christmas Micah and Joseph got electric play cars. I went to see them and I tried to drive it and I was not very good at it. But I still had fun.

I also did some fun stuff at home, for example, I painted numbers for the Twelve Days Of Christmas and every day I continue to do something fun. I also made muffins on Christmas Eve. Banana Chocolate Muffins. They were delicious. I loved putting the ornaments on the tree. I thought everything was fun!


Scooter Time!

I went to a park today and it was wet from the rain. I scootered down fast and fell. I hurt my bum!! I did not try to cry but I did. I learned a lesson that some surfaces were wetter than others and I have to be careful all the time and sometimes don’t go too fast and too slow down.

Something I did that was fun was… I guess well um… lets see… I know going on the fairess wheel. I think it was my first time.Well I had half a great time. But… it was still fun.

  And if you go out on a rainy day like me, be careful and make sure to slow down when you see a lot of puddles.