Teacup, wee cup. A short but, fun poem

Teacup, wee cup me and my tea. I drank it so happily. Teacup, wee cup, weeny teeny tiny, cute but small and kind of slimy. Slimy, here slimy there. I took slime out of my hair. Teacup, wee cup, I bought a green cup and it is a mean. Teacup, wee cup, lalalala yay!

Thank you!

The legend of the evil queen part 2

Welcome back! I hope you are ready to hear the second story of the legend of the evil queen (read part 1 here).

So remember the queen Lilian? Well after she faded away, she was in a dungeon full of spiders, poisonous spiders. Lilian fainted once more and felt tired. And as if she drank the evil queen potion and someone might of put a sleeping potion in it. So she fell asleep.

Back at the castle Janet was picking flowers for a feast to remember Lilian the queen and know one ever from that day on, ever went to the forest that Lilian took.

One day a hero came to the castle and heard the story of Lilian the queen. He said after the feast ‘I will save the queen’. No one moved. Frightened, the king came over and said ’you may not go’. ‘It is too dangerous for you to go’. No! said the prince. Angrily he said ’No one is stopping me!!!!!!! He bellowed. I’m leaving the day after tomorrow. And no stopping! The king said ‘do it if you want’. 

The queen Lilian woke up to see a sick place for all the sick people. The ghost nurse said to her ‘morning queen’.’Breakfast’? Yes please said Lilian. And thank you. And she made a thank you note for the ghost nurse.

Stay tuned for part 3! Bye!

A legend of an evil queen Part 1

The queen Lilian was a beautiful queen. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She had hair as gold as the sun and lips as red as blood.

One day the queen went on an adventure and left the princess with the king. The king’s name was Peter. He was so nice that he gave the princess anything she wanted. The queen said that she would be back in two days time and after two days she never returned.

Well I bet you wanted to know what happened to the queen, so after two days time the queen was sleeping and woke up in a mysterious castle. The castle had blood stains every where. Lilian shuddered. A ghost came by. He was a poltergeist and he said ‘hope you survive’ ha,ha,ha’!

Lilian decided to walk around. She found a zombie struggling to chop wood. So she said to her ‘what happened to this place’? The zombie said  ‘everyone dies here and never survives’. ‘Oh’ said Lilian. ‘But,’ the zombie said, ‘you can become the evil queen to survive’.

Back at the castle the princess who’s name is Janet was getting dressed because she was 14 so she went to breakfast and she had strawberries. The king was reading a newspaper. The king bought the princess a lily white dress with beautiful trimmings. Then at bed time the king told a story. Mostly a legend, called ‘The legend of the evil queen’. Just like our title.

So it began like this: There once was an evil queen and she said ‘I rule the world’! But of course she did… Excuse me sir the…  Stop it! I was in the middle of a story. And of course she didn’t. And then a hero killed her. The end. And good night Janet.

Back at the castle the queen was brewing a potion to be an evil queen. Then she drank it and felt weird. Then she felt like a worm and then she fainted. Later, she woke up to find herself in blood stains and a beautiful evil dress. Then she walked around and soon a bunch of ghosts and zombies were following her and even though she felt weird she felt evil.

Then She faded away…

Stay tuned for part 2! Bye!

My 2 favorite animals in the world

My green elephant is really special to me. I got it when I was 1 or 2. But anyway he’s    my favorite stuffed animal in the world! He is soft and sweet smelling (I smell him a lot so he is sweet smelling to me.) My next favorite animal in the world is a animal. But it is a bear. He is like a person but he’s a bear. He is clumsy and lazy. But I love him all the same. The names are… the elephant’s name is… well ha has 3 names. 1 Green Elephant. 2 Elephant. 3 Elephante (Spanish.) My bears name is Beber Junior.

Thanks for listening about my 2 favorite animals in the world. Bye!

Time For A Soccer Chat

Today I have been asked ‘What do I like about soccer?’ And I said, well I have been playing soccer for 4 and a half seasons. I am playing Indoor soccer right now. I had a soccer coach for 3 and a half seasons. His name was coach Wilde (pronounce, Will-dee). I had played with Gavin and Alice for 3 and a half seasons too. But I had Alice on my dad’s team so 4 years I have been with Alice. I have a ton of friends. My dad’s team was called ‘The Wolf Pack’. I really liked the team. I have been playing Indoor soccer for a year (counting last season and this season equals 1 year). I am really happy to do a lot of soccer. One of my favorite soccer teams, coach Wilde’s, was called ‘The Flaming Fireballs’. Julia made it up.

 I am really happy to share this with you and I will see you later. Bye!

iPhone Business

Have you ever had an iPhone at age eight? Well I have. I’ve always wanted to have a iPhone and now I have one. It is a blue iPhone5C. I like it a lot. Now, I’ve had a few drops but it was fine. I’ve gotten a lot of games and I love to play games. My favorites are… Tap Titans, Kingdom Rush Origins, Spider man Unlimited and um… I… like…  oh yes Minion Rush and Subway surfers, Sneaky and Worms 3.

Thoughts on a mystery book.

This morning or a morning I was reading a book. A detective book. I was told by my father to tell what it is about. So here we go. The book had a ton of mysteries to solve. The very back had the answer. I love to know the answer to the mysteries. I’ve read the whole book already but it is good to read the book over because you can learn words that you did not know in the first place.

One mystery was called,The mystery of the roman pots. A boy named Gus Anthony made roman pots and went a little too far about what he said. A boy named Encyclopedia Brown (or Leory Brown) is the detective and is great at solving cases. He said that they weren’t really roman pots. Leory said that they weren’t really to Gus Anthony and he confessed and said that he just copied them from a magazine.

I think that if you want to do something like that you shouldn’t. You should be honest. 

Goals For 2015

Hey my name is Roenne,and I got asked by my dad ‘what is my goal for 2015’? I said these couple things… 1st I want to have a great year. 2nd I really want to have a great year of Home School. 3rd I really want to get on a Academy soccer team because, I did not get to last year. 4th… um… I… oh I want to … well… never mind.

The reason I want to have a great year is because I did not have a great year last year. This is because my friends did not treat me nicely and one of them made me feel like I was supposed to know ever thing even though she said she wasn’t.

I want to have a great year of Home School is because I never tried it and I hope it is fun. I really want to go to Academy because, I have a friend that went there and I didn’t. The reason why I did not go to Academy is because, there weren’t enough u8 girls.

I hope I earn these goals because I would feel sad if I don’t make them.

New Years Day. A Fun Day

Today I did some cool stuff. First I had a Happy New Year breakfast with my family. My Aunt and Uncle came. So did my Emo and Emoboo. Then they all left to go. My Aunt and Uncle left to go to Florida. Emo and Emoboo went back to their house. 

I went with daddy somewhere after playing with Arden. We went to get keys duplicated  to the apartment room 120. We got six keys. 4 were gold and 2 were blue.

We went to BEST BUY to see if we could get an iPad that we like.

We came back home 3 minutes later and I asked if I could have another iPhone case. But mom said no. After that I started blogging like right now.