The girl that turned into a witch. Part 1

Once a pon a time, a woodcutter and his wife lived deep in the woods. they had a cottage and every Sunday one of them had to get food. They sold trees everyday. Winter was most popular. They sold about 10 of them for 55 dollars. They had enough money and only bought food that was cheap and not a lot of money. They were happy that they were a happy family. One day the wife, who’s name is Jen, said that she was going to have a baby in a couple days. They were glad but worried. They would need to go to a doctor and get the baby out. But alas, they only had enough to go to the doctor, but after that, they would not have any money. Scared and happy they new that at all cost, they would have to use all the money. So they did. Happy as a bumblebee, they took the new baby home and and took a nap. The mom went to take a walk in the woods. On her way back she saw a poor women. But she was kind to her and asked a couple questions. Like where you live and do you need wood because they needed more money. Now about the women… She is actually a witch! But all the witch said was “I am lost and need a bed to sleep in and have a little food.” Jen said “Of course!” But the witch was not lost. 

After Jen took the witch home to their cottage, She did exactly did as the women asked. Then at bed time, the witch crept into the Jen’s room and cast a spell to make Jen a witch! In the morning she felt different. And went to see her self in the mirror. She was horrified and went to the woods. Then her skin got crinkly like the old witches.

Need to know more? You will hear more later and next time. Bye!


Hello! I have something cool to tell you. So Easter is coming up. Right? Well, my middle name is Easter! I really like Easter because its my middle name and on Easter day, I feel really special. I love my middle name so much that I tell a lot of people about it. I really think that everyone has a cool name. Even if its random. Also I have some cool friends that have cool names. Lottie, Dalia, Lana, Genia and so on. So do you have something special? Something that is so awesome that you could tell the whole world about it? I really like cool things and names and so on. Also My name is Roenne. Thats a cool name. Right?

I hope to see you soon! -Roenne! 🙂

I want to become an actress!

Oh, hello! I want to become an actress. Isn’t that cool? What inspired me to become an actress is, well power rangers. What I wanted to do is see a creator of all the power rangers and ask if he can make another series of power rangers, that is when I am older. After all, I am only 8 years old. I wan the series to be called Power rangers Fire flame and Water waves. The funny thing is, is that I want only 2 characters, 1 is me and the other is a boy. I will be the fire flame ranger. I will be orange. the other ranger is blue. And we are very powerful. So powerful that it takes 1 blow to kill monsters. To easy. But eventually all evil bad guys come together to make harder monsters and it took a lot of strength to defeat them, but we managed.

I really hope to be an actress. What do you want to be when you grow up? thoughts need to be heard and so much more. have a great day! Gtg!

All about Tim Howard!

Hello! I am going to talk about Tim Howard. He was a really good goalie for USA in the world cup. But what where I want start, is the beginning. Ok, so Tim was very poor. He had a mom and a brother. His brothers name is Chris. Tim was born on March 16 1979 and was raised in New Jersey. Thats where, (as the book about Tim says) where he got his goalkeeping started. Tim’s family (his father was a black truck driver and moved out when Tim was a toddler) lived in a small apartment just a little far from a pizza parlor and not much else. It was a rough life for Tim but he managed. 

Soon soccer came up. Tim wanted to play soccer. So he got to play. But sometimes his mother worried. Most people that play come to soccer in fancy cars. But only Tim had a very rusted car and that was not cool. Even when his mother dropped him off, she tried to avoid other peoples eyes.

His own privet soccer academy.

Tim’s mother decided to take Tim to GK1 club. So he could spend a few hours with Tim Mulqueen. He was the goalkeeping coach of the Rutgers University’s men’s team. When Tim announced (The Tim that had the weird last name) that he was going to do goal keeping training for youth players, everybody started signing up. One session cost 25$. Tim’s mother had enough money for one session, but that was all that she could afford. So Tim went and when he got there coach said get in goal Tim. So he did. He started firing  balls he saved one and another came back in its place. So when practice was done, Coach Mulch (thats what they called him) Said ‘Miss Howard, you need to bring Tim back’. Well they said that she looked sad. Why? Not enough money. So Mulch said bring him back and no charge, no money to pay with ‘cause’ I don’t care about the money. So he came once a week to practice. 

I not finished with the story so, there will be lots more to hear! Bye!

A new game!

Hello! I have a new game on my iPhone! It is called Agent Alice. A mystery game. I have to solve mysteries and find out thing and find clues. I really think that mysteries are good and fun to play. So, I play it every time I get. But I have to choose wisely because there are energy things and each time you need to find you something, it is ten energies. I have a fun time on it. You also have episodes, like a mystery you have to solve and its in one episode. I am in the third episode and solved the first and second already. The first and second one were put together. One mystery in two episodes. It was about an actor that needs her fantasy defeated. She is in love with someone that she hates. Like a spell. It was scary. If i was in a room al by myself, I would be frightened. 

Hope to see you soon! Bye!


Ok, hi! I want to talk about Arden my sister and best friend. Arden is so cute and funny. She is goofy, cute, awesome, best sister ever, cool and a ton of other things! She is sometimes mean and grumpy but she is good at amusing people! She is 4 and likes making funny faces. And every time she goes somewhere, I miss her so much. I miss when she smiles at me when we are walking down to wake dad up. And a ton of other things to. She likes ice cream and cookies etc. Also if you meet her for the first time (if you are girl) you find your self saying “she’s so cute!” Its really crazy hearing those things over and over. I think I would get a headache.

If you want to meet her you might not, so here is a picture of her.

This is Arden.

I hope to see you soon! Bye!