In Atlanta, GA

I know, I know. I should have told you before hand. But I didn’t. It doesn’t matter, but, you can see some footage of us going there here. It’s not much, but I’m happy we got off the TWO planes, and two planes is NOT cool. I mean, could you spend a lot of time just on planes? I must say that I couldn’t. It was pretty terrible. But, yes but, we’re heading to Miami Florida to see a soccer game (Barcalona vs. Real Madrid), which are the best soccer clubs in the spanish league. But we’re going a few days early, and we are going to the beach!! Jupiter Beach, to be exact. A few days with relatives coming, lots of hours at the beach, and lots of fun.  I can’t wait. Meanwhile, we’re here at our cousins’ house, which is humongous. Me and Arden share the same room, which is ok, but we sleep in the same bed…yeah. It’s annoying. So long!

So, Minecraft?

Yes, Minecraft for me is basically LIFE. That’s why I have many Minecraft videos on my YouTube Channel (it’s only because Minecraft is the BEST!!), and I just constantly make Let’s Plays about them. I think that Minecraft is basically me! I really like building and creating like this video explains: Let’s Play #1: A Birthday Minecraft House! And another reason is because I like to play the minigames… like right here:

And I really just LOVE Minecraft!! It’s one of my favorite computer games (my other favorite is WoW ((World of Warcraft))) and I play as much as I possible can. Bye!

What’s Up?

Dude, it’s been a long time since I’ve written for this blog. I mean, seriously. I have been pretty busy, and I guess I should tell all…

Since February of 2016, I haven’t done much to tell you about what’s going on. First of all, I was convinced that I had to connect a writing app to this blog, and I couldn’t do anything unless I had a writing app. Stupid, right? So, that’s the main reason why, but some other reason’s come in.

  1. I didn’t really want to write
  2. I thought no one was looking anyway
  3. I was not into writing at the time

I mean, now I write stories which I hope will be novels, or stories for children, because I have a passion for writing. Here’s the link to “A Duo and a Hogwarts Student” if you want to see some of my writing. Now, I want to tell you what’s been happening so far.

  1. I moved into Avalon Hayes Valley Apartments, which is a nice apartment building place that I live in.
  2. I had my 10th birthday in October, right when we moved in.
  3. I just went to Voglesinger Soccer Academy, a really hard and intense soccer camp that helped me improve lot.
  4. I’m going to NOMAD, a great school for kids 9 through 13, who like to be adventurous, crazy and have a lot of fun!!
  5. I have public YouTube channel, which I’m super happy about! I make silly Minecraft videos, vlogs and make fun of my dad.

That’s what I think I can manage, and I hope you like my FIRST post since last year. Ciao!


A Duo and a Hogwarts Student

So, you might have known that I like to write. If you didn’t, that’s all right. If you want to know why I didn’t write for this site that often, click here. This is the entire story, and I hope you enjoy it. It is not finished, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 🙂 I know it’s a bit long, so take your time.
P.S If you need help with pronunciations, scroll down to the bottom.


Long ago, in a grand house, there was a couple. And they had just been given a child. The baby cried, making her face an ugly dark grey color. For that, they named her Cinder. She had rosy red cheeks, hair the color of woven gold, and flawless skin. As the years went by, Cinder just became more beautiful and beautiful until one fateful day, the mother got a sickness that we now know as tuberculosis. She had a hard time breathing, taking deep ragged breaths every second, and every second she got worse without a cure or medicine. Then Cinder woke up one day and her father ushered into her mother’s room. She was breathing deeply, and her eyes were fluttering, as if they wanted to close.

“Dear child,” She said. “Promise me that you will remain pious and good and God will look after you.” Cinder nodded, tears streaming down her face. And with that, the mother died, with her eyes closed.

13 years after her mother died, Cinder turned 18 and was walking over to her mother’s grave. She picked a bunch of wildflowers and placed them on the gravestone. She remembered her mother, how her father was so distraught when she had died. She sat down underneath the big apple tree that had grown next to the grave. She plucked an apple and munched on it, its sweet, sticky juices rolling onto her fingers. Seeing the sticky juices rolling down her fingers made her remember how she cried when her mother died. She started crying.  After awhile, she sighed and finished. When she walked back to the house, she saw all the servants and maids walking around, doing chores.

“Good morning Helen!” She called out, her shoulders drooping. “How are you doing?”

“Fine, mistress!” Helen called back.

“Good morning Mr. Goose, and Mrs. Hen, oh hello ducklings!” Cinder said, brightening up. “And how are you doing Ms. Pig?” The animals looked up, expecting food.

Everyone smiled, even the farm animals. Cinder just made everyone feel happy. Cinder went inside and into the kitchen. She wanted to see what was for breakfast. Warm loaves of bread were in the oven, fruit was being cut up. But what Cinder loved the most was the homemade jam. It was so sweet, the strawberries making the jam red and sweet. She went out to the table and sat down in her father’s usual spot. She liked to troll him.

“Well, well,” a deep voice boomed. “Who is this hooligan sitting in my chair?”

Cinder giggled.

“Me.” She said, giggling even harder.

“Well, I heard there was a birthday girl roaming around the house, I wonder where she is!”

Cinder started crying with laughter.

“That’s (gasp) me!” She said, falling off the chair and rolling on the floor.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDER!” He shouted, and so did everyone else. A blue and white banner was placed, saying “HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY CINDER!” and the tablecloth was white and clean. Cinder knew that living with her dad was cool, and living in this fine house was even better. Almost every birthday, there was a white table cloth, a banner and a beautiful delicious cake. But the most important and special gift from her father was when he asked for what she wanted. This year, she wanted a beautiful gown,  not expensive of course, but a fine, blue dress that could be worn to a ball.

The Helen came in with the cake. It was beautiful. The color was a golden yellow with green and it had the cleanest, smoothest icing ever. It was a small, circular cake, but it was layered with Cinder’s favorite flavors; vanilla, chocolate and caramel, with icing in the middle. Helen gently placed it in front of Cinder and she walked backwards, smiling.

“Now, my dear girl, you get to cut the first piece.” Her father said, grinning.

Cinder gently took a knife and cut a small slice, with chocolate, vanilla and caramel. She took a bite.

“Mm-hm!” She said enthusiastically.

“Hooray!” Everyone shouted and her father cut out slices for everyone and they all had a good time. Later, Cinder was sitting on the couch, reading to everyone, even the fair animals, which had crowded the window and was at her feet. She was reading a new story her father got her as a present, and by now she decided it was her favorite.

“And they lived happily ever after, The End!” She said to her entranced audience.

“Aw, that was a wonderful story, remind me, what was the title?” Helen said.

“Oh,” Cinder said. “It was a story from a collection of stories, it was the first one. I’ll read one everyday. It’s called The Three Little Pigs.”

“Well, what a story.” Another serving maid said.

“Yes, yes Heath, I know. Now, Cinder?”

“Yes, father?”

“Can I talk to you, privately?”

“Sure,” the sweet girl said.

She followed her father into another room.

“I’ve been thinking.” He said slowly.

“About what?” The kind girl said.

“About marrying again.”

“Really? Another mother?”

“Sure, I guess.” He said, even more slowly.

“Would she be sweet like a jar of honey? Would she hug me like she would never want to leave me? Ever?” Cinder said excitedly, acting childish, like she just didn’t turn 18.
“I’m sure she would.”

Cinder gazed hopefully at her father’s face.

“Now, stop acting like a 5 year old, and let’s get to business.” Her father said, business-like.

“Ok, so who do you have in mind?” She asked.

“Well, there is a poor widow, by the name of Cornelia Aframina Zebwelda Afrac Youndag Formen Quisente´Poplare Fokin who is a Countess in distress. Her husband, Fredric Bonah Disclen Popel Drange Youd Walaen Fokin has died of some chest problem.” As you all might not know, this was a heart attack, which at the time, people didn’t know the cure, and know what it was in the first place.

“Oooooook, so are you going to marry her?” Cinder said, completely deflated.

“I met her at the seamstress the other day with her two wonderful children, and she was crying her eyes out. I took a moment to comfort her, and she looked up at me, smiling. I then asked her what was wrong, and she told about her husband. I have invited them to dinner tonight, also letting them know about your birthday.”

“Oh, but you didn’t have to tell them that.” Cinder said.

“Don’t be rude, of course I wanted to invite them to dinner.”

“No,” Cinder giggled. “I meant about my birthday. I already have a lot of presents.”

“Ah, well, it’s already been done.”

“Ok.” Cinder said, not caring.
“Now, I want you to help clean up the house and set a good first impression when they step into our house.” Her father said bossily.

“Ok.” She mumbled, her good spirits leaving her.

The rest of the day went by, people were cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Cinder went around, dusting all the furniture.

“Achoo! A-a-achoo!” She sneezed.

“Oh, mistress, your re-dusting the place!” A maid named Gwendolyn said.

“Oh, Gwendolyn it’s just so dusty!” Cinder sneezed.

“I know. You know what? Let’s go inside this room, I’m sure it needs dusting.”

“Um, Gwendolyn?” Cinder said. “That’s mother’s old room. It’s where s-she d-died.” Cinder finished, stammering and on the verge of tears, because the memories she had in there, and her mother, was gone.

“Oh, mistress, I didn’t mean it.” Gwendolyn said. She blushed. She hadn’t been around when she had died, 13 years ago. Only Helen had been.

“It’s all right. Why don’t we help with the scrubbing of the floors?” Cinder said, trying to cheer herself and Gwendolyn up.
“Ok!” The maid said.

They walked towards the kitchen, where mayhem was.

“Oh, Gerber, your stirring it the wrong way! Maeve, take the bread and pudding out, it’s starting to burn. Henry, start beating those eggs!” Helen ordered. She looked tired and worn. Only she really knew how to make everything perfect.

“Hello, Helen.” Gwendolyn said. “Seems like you have some work on your hands.”

“Yes, and I do need more helpers.”

“Oh, but Helen, we were going to go help with the scrubbing of the floors!” Cinder cried.

“I think they have enough helpers already. They think that’s the hardest job, that’s why there are always so many volunteers! They don’t understand that COOKING is the hardest one.” Helen said, looking with distaste at the floor scrubbers through the window.

“Oh, ok Helen, we will help you.” Cinder said, happy. She didn’t mind cooking every once and awhile.

Hours passed, and finally, Helen let Cinder go only to “Change out of that horrible dress that you shouldn’t wear to dinner.” So Cinder, tired but happy, climbed up the stairs that led to her bed. She walked into her room, and opened up her closet. Inside, she saw something of beauty. It was a gold and pale white dress, that was big and round and puffy. There were little rosettes embroidered into the dress so intricately that they seemed real. She gently put it on and saw that there was some new shoes. She also put those on.  Then she, unsteady, walks down the stairs at 5:00 when the door knocked. She came to the bottom of the stairs and stood beside her father as he opened the door. There, standing on the front step, stood a women, dressed in a red and black dress in satin, all puffed out. There were two girls as well, dressed in what they must had thought was identical, because the one on the right had a striking pink dress with a big bow on the back and the sister on the left had a golden-yellow dress with a big ugly yellow crown on her golden, curly head. The one with the pink dress had dark hazelnut hair with a hairband that was pink. They both were smiling uncertainly at Cinder, and then the mother spoke.

“Oh, Francus, thank you so much for inviting us to dinner, it’s all that we could ask for.”

“Yes, thank you!” The two girls said in unison.

“Oh, it’s all my pleasure.” Cinder’s father said in reply.

“Well, allow me to introduce myself and girls. My name is Cornelia Aframina Zebwelda Afrac Youndag Formen Quisente´ Poplare Fokin and I guess your young girl may call me Miss Fokin or Cornelia. I don’t mind. Now, my two girls,” she pointed at each one.

“I’m Anastasia.” The one with the pink dress said.

“And I’m Veronica.” The one with the yellow dress said, giving Cinder a dirty look.

“Well, I’m Cinder, pleased to meet you.” Cinder said back, annoyed at being told the stupidly long name again.

“Well, Cinder,” Miss Cornelia said with relish, “I hope we have a good time eating dinner together.”

“Yeah, ok.” Cinder said, carelessly. She didn’t care about being polite anymore, she didn’t like the look of these people.

“Oh, Cinder! I thought you would be more polite, since you have been taught that way.” Her father exclaimed.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Cinder said jokingly. “I don’t know.” She repeated.

“Oh, I see.” Her father said. “Well, joker, go upstairs immediately.” He said, a hint of anger hidden inside his voice.

“But, we haven’t eaten dinner yet!”

“Oh, all right, take some up. You are being very rude to Miss Cornelia.

Normally, Cinder never said anything rudely, she wasn’t raised that way. But having caught sight of those repulsive girls, she immediately threw out all her knowledge out about being polite and said everything rudely. She took a plate up to her room containing some warm bread, chicken and beans.

“She and her girls are ugly and repulsive.” She thought.

“Hello?” Anyone there?” A sweet voice said from below.

Cinder looked out her bedroom window, and saw a girl with waving and looking up at the window. She ate some bread and chicken.

“Hey, Briar? Briar Rose?”

Cinder just stared at the girl. She ate some beans.

“What are you staring at, Briar? Let’s go!” The girl said, bossily.

“I-I’m not Briar.” Cinder managed to say through a mouthful of beans. “I’m Cinder of England.”

“Oh,” The girl said. “I thought you were my best friend Briar Rose. She gave me her address after she moved. I guess she forgot a letter in the address or something.”

“Oh, well, I’m sorry about that.”

“Yeah, hey, why don’t you come down here and we could talk.” She said recklessly.

“Oh, but my father’s having guests over and I got sent up to my room.”

“Go down the stairs quietly and sneak out the door, I’ll meet you there!” The girl said, already racing towards the front door. Cinder suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline, excitement building up in her. She stuffed the bread in her mouth, drank some water from the pitcher on the nightstand and shoved some beans into her mouth. When she finished, she looked at her dress, and realized it was too formal, and switched to another dress that was light and airy, and it ended at the knees, and then, she put on some pretty good, tough, wear and tear slippers. Then, just in case, she took her silver dagger, put it in it’s scabbard and put on a belt. As she crept down the stairs slowly, she put on the belt and hooked on the dagger, concealing it with a cloak she decided to bring.  She heard chattering and laughter.

“Your daughter is nothing but a loser!” She heard one of the girls scream.

She waited for her father to get angry.

But as she crept down to the bottom, she saw her father literally entranced by Miss Cornelia’s talking.

“— And I think you are very handsome.”

“Oh, when should I tell Cinder that she is ugly?” Cinder watched as the girl with the yellow dress, Veronica, said roaring with laughter.

That’s when her father snapped out of looking at Miss Cornelia and glaring at each girl in turn, until his eyes rested to Veronica’s face.

“How dare you.” He said with clenched teeth. “My daughter is as beautiful as the sunset.”

“Ah, but what about me?” She heard as Miss Cornelia suddenly faked looking sad. “Aren’t I much more beautiful than your daughter or deceased wife?”

Cinder walked away, disgusted. But before she could get to the front door, Helen came across her.

“What are you doing out of your room?” She inquired.

“Uh, going for a—”

“Ah, I know why. Those repulsive girls and their mother.” Helen said.

“I agree whole heartedly but, I, er, saw a friend.”


But just before she could even get out the door, Anastasia and Veronica stepped out of the dining room.

“Why, what are you doing?” Veronica asked.

“Um, going for a walk.” Cinder said.

“You know, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’ve been wanting to tell you, your dad has already asked our mum to marry him.” Anastasia said, finishing with a sigh.

“Yeah, and, we’ll get all your dresses! And fancy clothing.” Veronica added nastily.

“What?” Cinder said, confused.

“We’re going to share them.” Anastasia said, clarifying it. “Or, we’ll get three quarters of it and you’ll get to pick your favorites as the ones you can only where.” She added as an afterthought.

“Ok.” Cinder said, slowly backing out the door.

“Why girls, what are you doing?” Miss Cornelia said, stepping out of dining room as well, with her arm hooked onto Cinder’s father’s.

“I was trying to go outside, get some fresh air and then Anastasia and Veronica just came and asked me some questions.” Cinder said innocently, looking from Miss Cornelia, to her arm, to her father.

“Ok, well run along Cinder. Veronica and Anastasia, sweeties, come here. Why don’t we finish eating dinner?” Francus, Cinder’s dad said.

“Sure, why not?” Anastasia said, smiling at Cinder, strangely warmly. Meanwhile, Veronica was glaring at Cinder harshly.

Cinder backed out of the door, and ran down the steps. Then she ran to gates and pulled them open. As the slowly creaked open, she wondered who the stranger could be. Then she shut them.

“Hello?” She called out.

“Hey, is that you?” The voice called out, stepping out from behind a bush.

Now Cinder could actually get a good look at her. She had sleek brown hair (what was it with the brown hair? Her dad had it, Anastasia had it, Miss Cornelia had it) that was tied with a blue ribbon that shaped her hair into a ponytail. She was wearing a blue and white dress, with a yellow flower patterned apron. In her right arm she had a small basket, in which Cinder didn’t know what the contents were. Her shoes had were faded blue slippers and she wore a flower necklace. Her eyes were a deep, deep blue and her skin was a light white. There was a brown sheep skin wool cloak she wore and she was smiling.

“Hi! I’m Bellora, but you can call me Belle. Most people call me that because I’m beautiful and “Belle” does mean beautiful, so, that’s why. But it’s just a nickname.” She added hurriedly.

“Ok.”Cinder said, “I’m Cinder Fallamora.”

“Cool. I have a twin sister named Hermione Granger. Our last name’s Jean.”

“Oh. I had a mother, she died.”

“Yeah, me too.” Belle said. “She died, I mean.” Belle said awkwardly.

The two girls stood quietly in front of each other, staring. There was an awkward pause. Then,

“Well, do you want to come over to my house?” Belle said bravely.

“Sure,” Cinder said slowly. “You know what? I have an annoying lady over at our house for dinner, her name is Miss Cornelia. She has these repulsive girls named Anastasia and Veronica, but I might be changing my mind on Anastasia, she’s not bad.”

“Ok, well, if you want to come over, please follow me.” Belle said, starting to walk off.

Cinder hurried to catch up, taking a light steps to keep up with Belle. Turned out she had a book inside her basket, which she had buried her nose inside of. Then Belle, not looking up, turned onto a road known as “Silent Phoenix.” On the road, it had a mysterious and eerie feeling about it, with mist all around. Trees surrounded the edges of the passage, but the sun was still shining, and it looked less scary than it probably was. When they reached the end of the road, Belle suddenly stopped.

“Oh no.” She whispered.

The sun was setting, and the trees suddenly looked very scary.

“Oh no what?” Cinder asked.

“This was a wrong turn. It’ll take forever to get back. This is the road to a dreamless sleep, they call it. The road to mist and fog and maybe certain death. Oh, I wish I had looked up.” Belle said, tears suddenly coming out of the corners of her eyes.

“Well, if we run, we could possibly make it out.”

“Yes, but then ’twill take forever to get to my house.” Belle said, tears now streaming down her face.

“Yes, but let’s hurry, maybe we can make it back to my house.”

The two girls started walking, shadows starting to creep onto the road.

“Um, Belle?” Cinder asked.


“How old are you?”

“Oh, I’m 17, turning 18 in January next year.” She said in a whisper.


Then they heard shouting.

“Belle? Belle!” They heard distantly, but getting closer, “Belle?”

Suddenly a clean hand swept through the mist and seemed to be looking for Belle.

“Oh, Belle, there you are.” This person had a bossy voice and seemed to not notice Cinder.

“Oh, hello Hermione.” Belle sighed, releived. “This is my new friend Cinder.” She pointed at Cinder.

“Oh, hello.”

“Can she stay for dinner? She hasn’t had any. Could she also stay the night, d’you think?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I’m not the boss, but I guess she should.” She stared at Cinder. “Hop on.” She pointed at two horses.

One was brown and white with splashes of black dots and the other was just all white. She chose the brown-and-white-with-black-spots and climbed onto it and prepared to ride. Belle climbed onto the back of the brown-and-white-with-black-spots horse behind Cinder and Hermione climbed onto the white one. Then Hermione took the lead and Cinder pulled gently on the reigns. The rode for a few minutes and suddenly, on another road, there was a small cottage. It wasn’t grand and big like Cinder’s house, but it was beautiful. They hopped off the horses and Hermione took them to the stables. Cinder took stock of the house on the outside. There were not-very-neat rose bushes out front near the door, an uncut lawn and some stone gargoyles. Belle guided Cinder to the front door, as it was night then. When she opened the door, there was a sound like a duck honking and kissing a cat that was yowling it’s head off. There was steam coming from the bottom stairs and Belle hurried down them.

“You see,” She said while Cinder followed her down, “My father’s an inventor, so many mistakes happen. The carnival is happening soon, so he’s doubling his efforts. He wants to win.”

“Oh, I see.” Cinder said.

Someone was coughing.

“Oh, Papa, why do you do this?”

“I want to win, m’dear.” He said, coughing some more. “And who is this?”

“Ah, well, this is Cinder, my new friend. She’s staying the night as well.”

The old man looked up. He had shaggy gray hair with a touch of brown, an apron, baggy pants and a leather shirt. His eyes were soft and brown, and he had laugh lines.

“Hello m’dear. Nice to meet you.”

“Thank you for having me over.” Cinder said politely.

The front door opened.

“Papa?” Cinder heard Hermione’s voice carry down the steps.

“Yes m’dear?”

“Are you alright?”

“I’m quite fine, quite fine. Now, dinner?”

“Yes, Papa.” She turned to Cinder. “He doesn’t know how to cook. If he did, we’d probably have a mush that was supposed to be a cake and a soup that turned out to be a smoothie.” She giggled.

Cinder followed Belle to the kitchen where Hermione was already bustling around, cooking. Cinder then got a better look at her. She had brown hair like Belle, but it wasn’t sleek, but big and had a shiny golden look, with curls instead of sleekness. She was pretty, her skin a natural tan look as well, and she wore an unknown uniform that Cinder did not know. It was gray and black. The sweater that she wore was a light gray and her skirt was knee length, black. Her shirt was probably a white button up shirt, and her tights were a darker gray. Her shoes were definitely a deep black and she had a two strange badges on her chest. One was a tiny shiny H that was golden, and the other was a large sized one, with a gold and red lion on the upper left, a green and silver snake on the upper right, a black and gold badger on the lower left and a blue and gold raven on the lower right. There was some words at the bottom, Draco, Dormiens, Nunquam and Titillandus were engraved on the bottom. As for the rest of her clothing, she had a black cloak that was reaching down her legs.

“Well, if you want dinner, go ahead and start setting the cutlery.” Hermione said bossily.

“What’s that?” Cinder said, pointing at the badge.

“Oh, it’s the Hogwarts Crest.” She said.

“The what?” Cinder asked.

“Hogwarts Crest? Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?”

“Never heard of it.” Cinder said.

“Ah, well you only get your letter if you possess magic or have that inside you. Turns out I’m a mudblood.” Hermione sighed.


“It’s an offensive term for people who were born with muggle blood that turn out to be magical.”


“Yeah, I’m finishing my 7th year next summer and I will start on September 1st. And guess what my house is?”

“What houses are there?”

“Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff.”

“Um, Gryffindor?” Cinder said, taking a wild guess.

“Nah, but I wish I was. I almost got picked for that and Slytherin. I’m a smart person, brave, power hungry and loyal. Those are all the traits for all houses. But I was more power hungry so I got Slytherin.”

“Oooooook,” Cinder said slowly.

“Yeah, and there’s this really cute boy—”

“C’mon, hurry up.” Belle said interrupting. She was blushing.

A few minutes later, they had a stew bubbling merrily on a pot, smelling good. As Cinder set the table, she notice that Belle was avoiding everyones gazes.

“What’s up?” She asked, coming up to Belle.

“Oh, well I just,” She looked at Hermione, “I really—”

“Ok girls, get ready for dinner!” They heard Hermione say cheerfully.

They sat down on what seemed like dusty old chairs with chewed-up bits, but in reality was just made that way. Hermione ladled the stew onto very delicate china bowls and then looked Cinder in the eye.

“I want you to go out and get some water from the well, please. I believe everyone like water.”

Cinder got up, back straight and looked Hermione right back.


Then she walked out quietly and opened the front door. It was dark, a pale moon shining through the branchy trees. As Cinder slowly walked towards the back of the house, she saw something move. Then a growl, and then another. Until a pack of wolves stepped out in front of Cinder and growled. Cinder made a small whimper but then turned around and saw a smaller wolf pup caught in a trap that whimpering. She took some cautious steps towards it, while it lay still. Then suddenly, a great light appeared behind her and there, stood a big, silver wolf. It growled.

“P-please d-don’t hurt m-me.”  She stammered, while what seemed to be the leader of the pack, stepped forward.

“We do not harm younglings.” He said, calmly licking his  , “though I wonder who would put such a thing in this trap.” His amber eyes stared hungrily at Cinder.

“I d-didn’t, p-please don’t h-hurt m-me,” Cinder said, glancing at all the approaching wolves.

“I cannot smell the scent of guilt on you, so I will not attack.”

“T-thanks, I-I will set your pup f-free.”

“My thanks, friend.”

Cinder slowly got up and walked towards the trap. The pup had a strange gold-amber coat of fur, and it had eyes like the sunset. It whimpered. Then…

“Rar!” He said, and Cinder couldn’t help but laugh.

She tickled him.

“Grrr, ararara!” He laughed, staring at Cinder.

“Oh,” Cinder said, “you little thing.”

She untied the rope the held it down to a wooden board. He grinned, showing mountains of little teeth. When she picked him up, she didn’t realized he would be so heavy.

“Oof, you great bag of grain!”

She set him down gently and smiled at him.

“Go on, back to your pack,” she said, but there was something stuck in her eye.

He walked back over and looked at her.

“You have set him free, you have our eternal loyalty.” The leader of the pack said.

And then they all walked away into the forest, and Cinder stared and watched until the went out of sight. She remembered that she had to get water and walked over to the well. The pale moon still shone, but the clouds slowly covered it up. The bucket was heavy, and she dragged it back to the house.

“What took you so long?” Hermione asked, staring at Cinder.

“I met some wolves, saw the moon and got the water and walked back here,” she said simply.

“Ugh, whatever.” Hermione said carelessly.

She poured some water into glass cups and then a great big explosion made a big BANG! and there was a great big cloud of dust.

“Dad? Dad!” Belle screamed, running down the stairs.

“Papa!” Hermione whispered and ran down after Belle.

Cinder sat still, wondering what was going on. Then suddenly, it looked like the lights went out. And there was a whisper. Many, many whispers.

“Ada,” they whispered. “Ada.” They were getting louder. “Ada. Ada. Adaa!”

“I-I’m not Ada.” Cinder gasped.

“Ada. Ada!” They said again.

Cinder’s eyesight seemed to be failing.

There was a dreamy, floating like state Cinder felt like she was in. Mist swirled around her, and she suddenly realized she might be in a dream.

“Go, with the Witch and the Beauty. Quest. Find Edward’s Crown. In the Cabin. Beware the twin. Ada. Ada. Ada!” They all whispered. They seemed to have a hard time saying words.

“But, but, who’s Edward?” Cinder asked, but there was no reply.

Cinder woke up, or was she Ada?

“Cinder? Cinder!”

“Ugh, who’s….Cinder?” Cinder said groggily.

“You are. Are you all right?”

“Umm…” Cinder said. “Someone told me that I was…Ada?”

“What? No, your Cinder of England.”

“I…Think I am Ada?”

“Look, your befuddled,” Belle began but Cinder interrupted.

“I’m NOT! I heard…Someone told…Ada…Voices…Whispers, ugh. I was told…Was Ada…”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m not lying!” Cinder—Ada shouted.

“Ok…” Belle said, looked concerned.

“Please just—I’m Ada. Ok?”

“Uhh,” Belle said, now very confused.

“Look, if you don’t believe me, just go away!” Ada shouted, angry tears falling off her face.

“Ok.” Belle said looking hurt. She went up the stairs, and she seemed to be crying a sad type of tears. The type where suddenly, you feel bad for that person and all you want to do is help them feel better.

Ada sat up. Hermione was still with her father and Belle had runaway.

“Ugh, I just—never mind.” She said to the air.

Ada felt sorry for hurting Belle’s feelings so she went up the stairs herself, a little wobbly because her head was spinning, so she grabbed the banister. She slowly but surely made it to the top. She followed a path of tears to a small room, with, obviously, the door shut. Ada knocked.

The sound of sobs reached Ada’s ears and she gently turned the knob and opened the door. There, on her bed, sat Belle, crying.


Belle looked up. Her eye’s shimmered with tears and they were as big as the round moon at night.

“What,” she whispered.

“Look,” Ada said. “I’m sorry and I—“

“It’s fine, I just, I had a sister named Adalein, but we had to give her away, and “Ada” reminds me of her. She was beautiful, and I wish she had lived.” Belle finished, whispering quietly.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Ada finished.

“It just, it seemed like it happened to you, and that you were—“

“Ah,” Ada said, a glimmer of excitement coming over her.

“How, why is your name Ada?”

“I dunno. What if I was Cinderada!?”

“Haha. Well, do you like being Ada?”

“Not really,” Ada said, “I’m so used to being called “Cinder” that now being “Ada” is a really big change.”
“Yeah. Hey, why don’t we think of names to call you?”
“Well, sure. But first, what about dinner?”
“Oh, ok, we’ll figure it at the table then.”

The both walked down the steps, and saw Hermione and her father sitting at the table, eating.

“Why, there you are.” Belle’s father said.

They both sat down, across from each other.
“Please sir, what may I call you?”

“Oh, Papa works.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, and you look like the daughter I had before we er, lost her.”
Now that Ada thought about it, she did look similar to Belle and Hermione.

“Oh yeah! Remember, we had a sister named Adalein? But we had to get rid of her?” Hermione remembered.

“Not get rid of her, just had to giver her away.”
“So, who did you give her away to?” Ada asked.

“A man named, er, oh it’s so long ago…Oh, Francus.”

Ada slid down her seat.

“Did, did she have golden hair?”

“Because my father’s name is Francus.”

Belle gasped.

“So your name is short for Adalein!”

“Wait, wait, let’s not jump to conclusions,” Hermione said slowly. “Are you sure Papa?”

“Yes, and he had brown hair…”

“My father, or, my caretaker has brown hair!” Adalein exclaimed, running her hands through her hair.

“Then you really are our sister.” Hermione said smiling. “We were born triplets. You were born with our mother’s hair: yellow.”

“So, we can call you Adalein!”

“But why would they call me Ada?”

“Wait, who?” Hermione inquired.

“Well, while you and Belle went down to check out our father,” Adalein said nervously, “I had a dream that I was called “Ada” and I had to go on a quest.”
“Huh,” Hermione said, “well, I guess we’d better start eating.”

“Yes, I’m famished!”

“Quite indeed. Now, if this is all true, you are our daughter.”

“I actually never realized how hungry I am,” Adalein said, gazing longingly at the delicious stew Hermione had cooked.

“Yes, let’s eat!”

Everyone ate heartily, spooning down great amounts of the thick stew.

“Ugh, I’m full.” Hermione said.

“That’s only because you ate 3 bowls! No wonder your getting fat!” Belle chortled.

“Haha,” Hermione said humorously.

Oh, and If you see some parts that need fixing, don’t worry, i’ll fix them sooner or later.

Pronunciations: Miss Cornelia Aframina Zebwelda Afrac Youndag Formen Quisente´ Poplare Fokin = Cor-nee-lee-a Af-ra-miina Ze-bwel-da Af-rac- Y-oun-dag  For-min  Quis-en-té Pop-lare Fo-kun

Cinder = Cin-dur

Adalein = Aa-da-line

Francus = Frank-uss

Hermione = Er-mii-oh-nee

Anastasia = An-u-stay-sha