A legend of an evil queen Part 1

The queen Lilian was a beautiful queen. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She had hair as gold as the sun and lips as red as blood.

One day the queen went on an adventure and left the princess with the king. The king’s name was Peter. He was so nice that he gave the princess anything she wanted. The queen said that she would be back in two days time and after two days she never returned.

Well I bet you wanted to know what happened to the queen, so after two days time the queen was sleeping and woke up in a mysterious castle. The castle had blood stains every where. Lilian shuddered. A ghost came by. He was a poltergeist and he said ‘hope you survive’ ha,ha,ha’!

Lilian decided to walk around. She found a zombie struggling to chop wood. So she said to her ‘what happened to this place’? The zombie said  ‘everyone dies here and never survives’. ‘Oh’ said Lilian. ‘But,’ the zombie said, ‘you can become the evil queen to survive’.

Back at the castle the princess who’s name is Janet was getting dressed because she was 14 so she went to breakfast and she had strawberries. The king was reading a newspaper. The king bought the princess a lily white dress with beautiful trimmings. Then at bed time the king told a story. Mostly a legend, called ‘The legend of the evil queen’. Just like our title.

So it began like this: There once was an evil queen and she said ‘I rule the world’! But of course she did… Excuse me sir the…  Stop it! I was in the middle of a story. And of course she didn’t. And then a hero killed her. The end. And good night Janet.

Back at the castle the queen was brewing a potion to be an evil queen. Then she drank it and felt weird. Then she felt like a worm and then she fainted. Later, she woke up to find herself in blood stains and a beautiful evil dress. Then she walked around and soon a bunch of ghosts and zombies were following her and even though she felt weird she felt evil.

Then She faded away…

Stay tuned for part 2! Bye!