A little bit of American History

Hi! Today I’m going to tell you an American History story. This story comes out of a 100 stories. The story I’m going to tell you is called Murder by Moonlight. This story is about someone murdered by moonlight. One day 2 men where drinking and getting rowdy. Then a man came and piked on them because they were smaller than him. One of those small people is William “Duff” Armstrong. The 2 started to fighting him. His name is Press Metzger and he arrived home with a fractured skull and later died. Armstrong had to so to court and Hannah Armstrong told somebody that she thought could help her son. And that was Abraham Lincoln. One man saw the fight at 11pm under a bright moonlight. And he had questioning with Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln one asked if the moon was a little overhead. The man said yes, just a little. Then Lincoln pulled out a book. It was almanacs. And said ‘do you now the moonset?’ Yes said the man. Then Lincoln flipped the pages of the book and said ‘says here the moonset was just 3 minutes after midnight. And Lincoln sat down satisfied that he was right. And he was. And “Duff” Armstrong was acquitted of murder.