A little science

Hi! I’m going to tell you a little bit of science. Well what you are breathing is air right? Of course. Well thats actually called air pressure. Air pressure does a lot of things. Air pressure  makes the wind fly by. If we didn’t have air pressure we couldn’t breath and things wouldn’t fly. Did I just spoil my surprise? Yes I did. I have an example of air pressure. Airplanes! Well how do airplanes fly? Air pressure!  Airplanes fly because of air pressure. Air moving over the wings is lifting the air plane. Air pressure lifts things up and up and away! Well where does lift come from? It comes from moving air. When an airplanes wing is tipped up in the edge a little bit, the moving air makes it fly. On top of the wing the air is faster and on the bottom it is slow but not so slow that creates lift. D.Y.K (did you know?) Air molecules make pressure. Cool? Also airplanes fly because differences in air pressure. When an airplane weighs a ton how can they fly? Also differences in a pressure. Another example is a ballon. When you blow a balloon you’re blowing what you’re blowing into it is air pressure. I you don’t get it here is how it works. You’re blowing air right? Well you are putting pressure by blowing it hard. The balloon is expanding. So that is air pressure. Also there are air molecules inside the balloon. Also I really like science!

I hope to see you soon! Bye!