A new game!

Hello! I have a new game on my iPhone! It is called Agent Alice. A mystery game. I have to solve mysteries and find out thing and find clues. I really think that mysteries are good and fun to play. So, I play it every time I get. But I have to choose wisely because there are energy things and each time you need to find you something, it is ten energies. I have a fun time on it. You also have episodes, like a mystery you have to solve and its in one episode. I am in the third episode and solved the first and second already. The first and second one were put together. One mystery in two episodes. It was about an actor that needs her fantasy defeated. She is in love with someone that she hates. Like a spell. It was scary. If i was in a room al by myself, I would be frightened. 

Hope to see you soon! Bye!