Animal Jam!

Oh, hi! I’m glad you made it. Did you no that I love this website called Animal Jam? Its really fun. It is made by National Geographic Kids. I love the games and other stuff. In fact I will tell you more about it. First if you want to play, you have to make an account. If you do not want to pay to become a member, you make a free account because everyone should have fun on it and play and learn facts about animals. This is how you make a free account. First you choose an animal, all the animals you can choose that are non member, are like a bunny, thats what I am. Also wolves and tigers and others you will see if you’re interested. Underwater ones like a seal and penguin. Those are the only non member animals.  After you choose an animal, you choose its name. A three word name. My bunny’s name is Daredevil grandwolf. After you choose the name, you have to make a username and password so people don’t just get on your computer and take what you made and turn it to their own computer. Also you have a username so people don’t scam you. Do you no how scamming happens? Well you tell your friend or whatever you username and password and they get on their computer and use that account to play! Thats not cool.:( Never ever scam. Not even once! 

I hope to see you soon! Bye!