Ok, hi! I want to talk about Arden my sister and best friend. Arden is so cute and funny. She is goofy, cute, awesome, best sister ever, cool and a ton of other things! She is sometimes mean and grumpy but she is good at amusing people! She is 4 and likes making funny faces. And every time she goes somewhere, I miss her so much. I miss when she smiles at me when we are walking down to wake dad up. And a ton of other things to. She likes ice cream and cookies etc. Also if you meet her for the first time (if you are girl) you find your self saying “she’s so cute!” Its really crazy hearing those things over and over. I think I would get a headache.

If you want to meet her you might not, so here is a picture of her.

This is Arden.

I hope to see you soon! Bye!