Whats going on now!!!

Hi! Its been awhile! I personally think that this story is going to be great!!!! First of all, lets get ready for what I am going to say. OK, first I want to tell you whats been happening.

1: I have moved to SF and its been great! It has great food and great places to go to like parks, restaurants, *hotels, and many, many more. (* we went to a hotel for my sister’s 5th bday and it was great! Called: Palace Hotel)

2: I have decided to do futsal (indoor soccer, though I don’t know why its called “futsal”). And this writing class! 🙂

3: I have done a camp called Quantum Camp and it has extention work (work to do at home when not a camp) and I go every Tuesday. Its about 6 and a half hours long doing math and science. I have a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack there. At first I hated the extention work but not now! I like it ‘cause I think I’m learning cool things and having fun! Thats also what Quantum Camp wants!

4: And this is the last one, on 2/15/16 I am doing a Cooking camp and I am going to cook some awesome stuff! I went on a day in January for a makeup-day ‘cause i will miss it on a Tuesday for camp.

That seems all for whats basically happening right now and its going to be a busy year.