New Years Day. A Fun Day

Today I did some cool stuff. First I had a Happy New Year breakfast with my family. My Aunt and Uncle came. So did my Emo and Emoboo. Then they all left to go. My Aunt and Uncle left to go to Florida. Emo and Emoboo went back to their house. 

I went with daddy somewhere after playing with Arden. We went to get keys duplicated  to the apartment room 120. We got six keys. 4 were gold and 2 were blue.

We went to BEST BUY to see if we could get an iPad that we like.

We came back home 3 minutes later and I asked if I could have another iPhone case. But mom said no. After that I started blogging like right now.

Christmas time!

On Christmas day I got some pretty cool stuff. Under the tree I saw 2 presents. One was a ‘flippin’corn hole game that you have a thing on the back of it and you put the beanbag on it and flip it. Another was robots. They follow a path on winding piece of paper. It’s like following a maze a round and a round. Last that was in our stocking was an iPhone. I was really happy because I had a list of things I had hoped for and I got it! I have downloaded all the games I wanted and I am happy.

Something else I did was see Uncle Peter and his family. For Christmas Micah and Joseph got electric play cars. I went to see them and I tried to drive it and I was not very good at it. But I still had fun.

I also did some fun stuff at home, for example, I painted numbers for the Twelve Days Of Christmas and every day I continue to do something fun. I also made muffins on Christmas Eve. Banana Chocolate Muffins. They were delicious. I loved putting the ornaments on the tree. I thought everything was fun!