I want to become an actress!

Oh, hello! I want to become an actress. Isn’t that cool? What inspired me to become an actress is, well power rangers. What I wanted to do is see a creator of all the power rangers and ask if he can make another series of power rangers, that is when I am older. After all, I am only 8 years old. I wan the series to be called Power rangers Fire flame and Water waves. The funny thing is, is that I want only 2 characters, 1 is me and the other is a boy. I will be the fire flame ranger. I will be orange. the other ranger is blue. And we are very powerful. So powerful that it takes 1 blow to kill monsters. To easy. But eventually all evil bad guys come together to make harder monsters and it took a lot of strength to defeat them, but we managed.

I really hope to be an actress. What do you want to be when you grow up? thoughts need to be heard and so much more. have a great day! Gtg!

Power Rangers!

Hello! I’m so excited! I love Power rangers!!!!!!!!!! It is the best super hero thing to watch on T.V, iPhone and lots more! I watch it on amazon prime instant  video. It is so cool, that I dream that I am a power ranger! I am the orange ranger, strongest Power ranger the world. I help other rangers when they are in trouble. But most of the time, I am fighting alone against other evil bad villains. I have watched Mighty morphin power rangers, Jungle fury, Power rangers in space, Power rangers galaxy, Power rangers turbo and Power rangers Wild force and Power rangers Mega force! Right now I am watching… Power rangers Ninja storm and Power rangers Super Mega force! There are still A ton of power ranger seasons to watch, but my favorite is Mighty morphin power rangers. So if you like power rangers, would you watch all seasons and all there are? Would make a list and see who is your favorite power ranger and season? I am open to questions!

I also hope to see you soon! Bye!