In Atlanta, GA

I know, I know. I should have told you before hand. But I didn’t. It doesn’t matter, but, you can see some footage of us going there here. It’s not much, but I’m happy we got off the TWO planes, and two planes is NOT cool. I mean, could you spend a lot of time just on planes? I must say that I couldn’t. It was pretty terrible. But, yes but, we’re heading to Miami Florida to see a soccer game (Barcalona vs. Real Madrid), which are the best soccer clubs in the spanish league. But we’re going a few days early, and we are going to the beach!! Jupiter Beach, to be exact. A few days with relatives coming, lots of hours at the beach, and lots of fun.  I can’t wait. Meanwhile, we’re here at our cousins’ house, which is humongous. Me and Arden share the same room, which is ok, but we sleep in the same bed…yeah. It’s annoying. So long!

So, Minecraft?

Yes, Minecraft for me is basically LIFE. That’s why I have many Minecraft videos on my YouTube Channel (it’s only because Minecraft is the BEST!!), and I just constantly make Let’s Plays about them. I think that Minecraft is basically me! I really like building and creating like this video explains: Let’s Play #1: A Birthday Minecraft House! And another reason is because I like to play the minigames… like right here:

And I really just LOVE Minecraft!! It’s one of my favorite computer games (my other favorite is WoW ((World of Warcraft))) and I play as much as I possible can. Bye!

Whats going on now!!!

Hi! Its been awhile! I personally think that this story is going to be great!!!! First of all, lets get ready for what I am going to say. OK, first I want to tell you whats been happening.

1: I have moved to SF and its been great! It has great food and great places to go to like parks, restaurants, *hotels, and many, many more. (* we went to a hotel for my sister’s 5th bday and it was great! Called: Palace Hotel)

2: I have decided to do futsal (indoor soccer, though I don’t know why its called “futsal”). And this writing class! 🙂

3: I have done a camp called Quantum Camp and it has extention work (work to do at home when not a camp) and I go every Tuesday. Its about 6 and a half hours long doing math and science. I have a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack there. At first I hated the extention work but not now! I like it ‘cause I think I’m learning cool things and having fun! Thats also what Quantum Camp wants!

4: And this is the last one, on 2/15/16 I am doing a Cooking camp and I am going to cook some awesome stuff! I went on a day in January for a makeup-day ‘cause i will miss it on a Tuesday for camp.

That seems all for whats basically happening right now and its going to be a busy year.


A new game!

Hello! I have a new game on my iPhone! It is called Agent Alice. A mystery game. I have to solve mysteries and find out thing and find clues. I really think that mysteries are good and fun to play. So, I play it every time I get. But I have to choose wisely because there are energy things and each time you need to find you something, it is ten energies. I have a fun time on it. You also have episodes, like a mystery you have to solve and its in one episode. I am in the third episode and solved the first and second already. The first and second one were put together. One mystery in two episodes. It was about an actor that needs her fantasy defeated. She is in love with someone that she hates. Like a spell. It was scary. If i was in a room al by myself, I would be frightened. 

Hope to see you soon! Bye!

I love books!

Oh, hi! You know I love books. They make me want to read more of a good book. Like the Boxcar children. They have a complete series of books. I just want to read all the books! I’ve read all the way to eight! Isn’t that amazing? Yeah, I’ve wanted to read the complete series. I think I’ve already said that, didn’t I? Oh right I did. Did you know that my eyesight is not so good? Well even though it is bad, I can read perfectly. Reading is a hobby for me. I can read a full pack of The Boxcar children. There are four books in a set. Like 1, 2 ,3 ,4. That means that there are 4 books in a set or box. So what do you like to do? I’d love to here what you have to say! Thanks and bye!