Hello! I have something cool to tell you. So Easter is coming up. Right? Well, my middle name is Easter! I really like Easter because its my middle name and on Easter day, I feel really special. I love my middle name so much that I tell a lot of people about it. I really think that everyone has a cool name. Even if its random. Also I have some cool friends that have cool names. Lottie, Dalia, Lana, Genia and so on. So do you have something special? Something that is so awesome that you could tell the whole world about it? I really like cool things and names and so on. Also My name is Roenne. Thats a cool name. Right?

I hope to see you soon! -Roenne! 🙂


Ok, hi! I want to talk about Arden my sister and best friend. Arden is so cute and funny. She is goofy, cute, awesome, best sister ever, cool and a ton of other things! She is sometimes mean and grumpy but she is good at amusing people! She is 4 and likes making funny faces. And every time she goes somewhere, I miss her so much. I miss when she smiles at me when we are walking down to wake dad up. And a ton of other things to. She likes ice cream and cookies etc. Also if you meet her for the first time (if you are girl) you find your self saying “she’s so cute!” Its really crazy hearing those things over and over. I think I would get a headache.

If you want to meet her you might not, so here is a picture of her.

This is Arden.

I hope to see you soon! Bye!

Mittens are warm!

Ok hi! I have these fluffy mittens and they look like toast! Breakfast toast. They are soft and cute. I love them. My dad gave them to me. Mom got them for dad and I really liked them so one day he said I could have them.

Here are my mittens!  

My mittens!

I like there smile and they are super cute right? I thought so. Anyhow do you see those things that are sticking out? Those white things? Well you can connect them to a thing on your computer or whatever and they start to warm up! Its always fun to have mittens that warm up right?

This is a short blog post, but a very cute and fun filling one.

See you next time. Bye!

Who is my bestie?

Hello! I am ready for action. Ok who is my bestie?  Well I have a couple of best friends. Well first of all there are two categories. One is “the bestie for life!” Second is “Best friends that won’t last forever.” My bestie and my only bestie thats for life is my sister! Her name is Arden! She is known for being a good fighter, goofy, sometimes mean and stubborn, kind, beautiful, and doobydoo. I really like having a sister that is your best friend. A best friend that is in the second category, is Dalia. She is nice to me and she is sometimes a promise breaker. I still think that its ok to have a friend like that because she super cool and sweet I guess.  Another best friend that is not so nice but cool, is Lilia. She is only mean on the bus.  When she says she will sit with me, she ends up with other friends. Gabby is one of her friends.  Sometimes when we sit together, they all are super boring. They say that they are tired, but really. All they are happy about is having playdates with each other. They act excited when getting off the bus. I’m glad I get a break from them. I am homeschooled now so whew! Another friend that is my favorite bestie in the second category, is Lottie. Lottie has red hair and is really nice. I miss her a lot.

So what friends or people do you like or love? Gotta here thoughts, Bye!  

Why not Struggle?

Hi! Why not struggle? Well, sometimes you need to struggle through something very hard. Like when your coding, you forget how to like cleave or didn’t learn it. So when I think it so hard, I have been told to struggle through it. Struggling is ok. So never give up. Because when you struggle, you can think and do lots more. You also can go back a level and see what you have done earlier. 

I am grateful to have a dad who is more experienced, who knows what it feels like to struggle and even though it is hard he wants me to struggle through. I am glad to a dad like that.So when something is hard, you just have to struggle through and be confident.

I hope to see you very soon. Bye!  

Does life ever get boring?

Hi! I am glad that you can make it! I’m going to ask ‘does life ever get boring’? Of course it does! I mean I get bored and that makes me mad. Then I think life is boring. Then when no fun is around, why not just shout out loud that this is the worst life ever? Of course I want to. Maybe you need to just sneak around to get something fun? Huh? Everything I say is maybe going to be ‘of course I want to.’ So don’t get annoyed. Right now, life is not boring. But when sometimes when I write, like right now, its super boring. Think of it, SUPER BORING! Know way I would survive that. But I did.

I would also love to here thoughts on things to write about, bye!

Tooth Lost!

Remember the day about the dentist? Well I lost the tooth and put it in a blue box. Last night I put it under my pillow with a note to say some things to the tooth fairy (if you don’t believe in the tooth fairy, don’t read this blog) saying sorry about the cavity. She is my personal tooth fairy, so no chances you will get her. Her name is “Rosalina”. She has been coming and going for the past 2 years to me and to where she lives with other fairies. She is really cool at writing in cool ways. Like… this, Hi Roenne and other cool ways! Pretty amazing right? I know! Every time I put my tongue there (in the place where my tooth was) I kinda think that it is weird to do it. (I mean you know, I kinda think that it is weird to put my tongue in between two teeth.) Even so, it was scary to get the shots in my mouth. 3 shots! I know ouchy, right?  

Well I really need to bale, so bye!

What do I do when someone is mad at me?

Hello! I am going to tell you that when someone is mad at me what do I do? Well I get this feeling its like… well my eyes and stomach get a strange feeling and then my eyes beginning  to water. My stomach feeling stiff and groggy. Then I slowly walk somewhere where know one knows where I am. And I either slowly cry or I just sit there letting them fall down. I really hope that know one really knows that I don’t like being mad at other things. It’s just the way I am and don’t want to change. Good-bye! And have a good day!