OMG! I have a podcast, and you should listen to it, right now!

It’s called Myths and Stories, and I hope that you enjoy listening to it.

Episode 1A: The Beginning

You may know them, you may not. This is the first story I will be telling about the Beginning of the Gods, Titans, and Demigods. I wanted to start out by saying: I hope you enjoy. I am an amateur trying to learn some new skills. If you could give me some feedback, that would be great! New episodes come out every Saturday and Sunday. Subscribe to be notified when the next episode comes out!

What I do at the office.

Hi! First of all, glad you could make it. Secondly what I do at the office (my dad’s) is firs of all I have a schedule and know what I do for the day. Todays schedule is 8:20 states (memorize where they go) 8:40 I do some khan academy (I do some work on history and things) 9:10 writing (like right now what I’m doing) 9:30 fun time ( dilly dally on computer and iPhone) 10:00 coding, 10:30 vocabulary, 11:00 lunch and 12:30 fun time? Maybe. I also have a lot of friends. I know… Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Sarah Mr. Joe (I don’t really talk to him) and other people. I know them so well, that I strongly say ‘HI’! See you later, Bye!