Dentist Day!

Hi! I went to the dentist to get a checkup and cleaning. I had a cavity but now I don’t. Why? Well lets start at the beginning… I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned also to get a checkup. After the cleaning of my teeth, the dentist (Dr. Gabriel) took a look at my teeth. Before the Dr. came, a nurse (that was cleaning my teeth) took a look a chart. It was the Xray that was taken last time and it maybe my cavity was in it. Now my right side feels numb weird. Now to the Dr.part. After the nurse went to fetch the dentist, I sat up and thought “ this is not bad at all.” “Maybe I’ll be done soon.”  But no. I was not done so soon. I was still sitting there for 10 minutes and it was a long time. But before that just a little, I told the nurse I had a bump on my right side. She that was a part of the cavity. So when the dentist came he said “If you want to pull out the cavity thats your choice.”  “If not thats is ok.” Now the scary part. I said I wanted him to pull it out. And that was very painful. They gave me shots in my mouth to put my teeth to sleep. And then they pulled it out.  Scary right? Yeah I know. 

Well I’ll see you next time, Bye!