Goals For 2015

Hey my name is Roenne,and I got asked by my dad ‘what is my goal for 2015’? I said these couple things… 1st I want to have a great year. 2nd I really want to have a great year of Home School. 3rd I really want to get on a Academy soccer team because, I did not get to last year. 4th… um… I… oh I want to … well… never mind.

The reason I want to have a great year is because I did not have a great year last year. This is because my friends did not treat me nicely and one of them made me feel like I was supposed to know ever thing even though she said she wasn’t.

I want to have a great year of Home School is because I never tried it and I hope it is fun. I really want to go to Academy because, I have a friend that went there and I didn’t. The reason why I did not go to Academy is because, there weren’t enough u8 girls.

I hope I earn these goals because I would feel sad if I don’t make them.