I Am Already Slaughtered By Friends and Arguments

I’m tired, let’s admit it. I get pretty tired. I get tired of the arguing, the pain, the suffering, the basic human things. But one thing that is so draining, so tiring, so stupendously annoying, is friends.

Friends are exceptionally hard to keep, have or even make. Just like these Zebras, I fight with people, and have some messed up relationships. I fight especially with my mom, sister, dad.

It’s hard to keep things simple, to keep things normal, and safe.

It’s like, when you’re in the safe zone, you don’t care about anything in the world, you just laugh it off, hang out with some friends and just be you.

Outside of that safe zone, which never lasts; in fact, I think it ends the moment I get out of bed for school (or it not, depends if you’ve had a nightmare), which mean’s I get up everyday at 6:00, (though I am enjoying getting up at 7:00 am every morning), which will probably slay me when I get up. I never get enough sleep.¬† The safe zone makes you feel safe. Outside, well, the moment I get out of bed (please remember that this is from my brain, my stupidly annoying, story creating brain), “ROENNE! Be quiet! The baby is sleeping and we don’t care about you, so just shut up already!”

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Now, normally on a good day, there are minimal fights (which feels like almost never) and probably the most mistakes I make are repeated mistakes.

But since we were on the subject of friends, and safe zones, lemme tell you the ways friends are not cool at all.

  1. Friends can mistreat you
  2. Friends can lie, cheat, or just pretend to be your friend
  3. Unless you are super close, friends might be untrustworthy
  4. Friend’s might not give a damn about you:

meaning they just talked about you, and then left you. Like, you keep trying to engage in a conversation with them, and they shove you away:

Like that. Hermione Granger for the Win! Also, Ginny Weasley. Gotta have something other Hermione, am I right?!

But, you can’t just punch someone in the face when you are so freaking annoyed, so just brush it off, everyone says. I can’t. It’s really difficult in every single way possible. You can’t just stop being mad at someone.

But, just keep being optimistic, right?