I want to become an actress!

Oh, hello! I want to become an actress. Isn’t that cool? What inspired me to become an actress is, well power rangers. What I wanted to do is see a creator of all the power rangers and ask if he can make another series of power rangers, that is when I am older. After all, I am only 8 years old. I wan the series to be called Power rangers Fire flame and Water waves. The funny thing is, is that I want only 2 characters, 1 is me and the other is a boy. I will be the fire flame ranger. I will be orange. the other ranger is blue. And we are very powerful. So powerful that it takes 1 blow to kill monsters. To easy. But eventually all evil bad guys come together to make harder monsters and it took a lot of strength to defeat them, but we managed.

I really hope to be an actress. What do you want to be when you grow up? thoughts need to be heard and so much more. have a great day! Gtg!