@)!* (It’s a hidden message)

Do you know what I have said at the beginning? Do you think I’m swearing?  Do you think I’m just stupid and put a bunch of random stuff as the title of this blog post? Wow, you sure are a bunch of idiots.

Ok, so it’s the new year. 2018. I mean, that’s pretty darn crazy. Nothing has changed really. I just feel older. Sure, I’m older, and maybe prettier (only God could tell you that. I’m sure he’d say yes), and maybe much more teen (which probably mean’s I’m impulsive, doing stupid things, or basically God knows what…), but I’m still the same girl you’ve known since the beginning of this blog. Yes, this blog started when I was 7 years old. This is my first blog post, created by my dad.


I’m sure that video is cringe worthy. I sure shrink back whenever I see things like that. I find it highly embarrassing to watch me from 5 years ago. Something that hasn’t changed that is that I get highly embarrassed when I see these things.

Then I decided to go tutorial style, and made a video for my viewers on YouTube, which can be viewed anywhere on the internet……how embarrassing.

Then I did the usual style of blogging, which was this:

Scooter Time!

Then, another cringe worthy video:


Sure, that’s probably wrong now. And I know that when I said that, I knew that was a lie. I also felt real wrong saying it, as if I was spreading false words. Now, I suppose I’ll make another video about the most important thing I’ve learned at school. I’m going to a different school, which is different than a normal public middle school.

Christmas time!

It’s Christmas! 2014! Oh,  4 years ago, I celebrated Christmas, got presents, and my very first iPhone! “Golly NED!” you say. Your first iPhone?! Yes, dear reader, I really did get my first phone. I have gotten rid of it, since Apple no longer makes them, and I have gotten better phones over the years.

New Years Day. A Fun Day

And then, New Years Day. Oh, now it is 2015, and we are in another new (old) year! What an interesting story I have written. It feels kinda like New Years Day here in the future, 2018. Just your normal, typical day, duplicating keys, going to Best Buy to find an iPad, and wanting a new iPhone case.

Goals For 2015

Well, my goals for 2015. Amazing. Yes, I did feel mistreated by my “friends” and I didn’t know how to write properly. I have not edited the post, because want to keep it the way it was, 3 years ago. I do have some goals for 2018, like, I hope my new “friends” at my new school (I don’t get along with them either) will either leave (I know I’m being harsh), be kinder to me, or just not really talk to me at all. That would be sweet. Some more just includes soccer things you need. Stamina, Endurance, Speed, Fitness. I’m super unfit, thanks to Winter Break. But,  I am getting more sleep.

Thoughts on a mystery book.

And then a normal blog post again. It was when I didn’t really read hard books. I was a simple lady, growing up. I know read things like Little Women, Redwall, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, which my mom won’t let me read the 6th book yet; Mary Poppins. Like, if you could look at my cabinet of books, you would see a lot.

Then my next three posts were about basically things would see an 8 year old talking about. My iPhone (5C), My two favorite animals in the world (Elephant and Beber Junior are still awesome, and I now a ninja named Ninja Bear, I got it for my 8th birthday), A little chat about soccer….. just plain normal stuff. Then I got into the Story Writing business, and wrote a 3 part story, which had the other 2 parts come out later. It was known as the Legend Of the Evil Queen, Part 1. Then I wrote a poem, Part 2, and just stuff.

A little context about why I wrote a lot at the time….

My dad really wanted me to get into the writing business. Everyday, he took my to his office (because I was homeschooled. So I had a schedule that had boring school stuff) and I had this stupid schedule. I can’t remember what it was, but I know I had to write everyday, and I don’t like having a schedule. I still don’t. Well, I don’t like having a schedule that someone else made for me. And being forced to do something really made me start hating writing, Khan Academy, and other boring things like that. I would barge into my dad’s meetings, talks, and just be like “I finished this, can I do this,” or “What should I do know? Can I play more Minecraft?”  I was never a patient girl. I remember one time that my dad said a “bad word”  and I went home telling my mom that he said the “F” word. Right now, I know more about the “bad words” than you could know, and I could possible start having those “words” appear in my posts. It’s just that I’m growing up. Like, for instance, you can’t really stop my dad from saying “fuck” on his posts, because he is frustrated or tired. “BUT!” you say, “Aren’t you not an adult?” Well, I’m not an adult, you’re right, but I am growing up, like I said, people just start saying things. Like, “shit” or “damn”. Sure, they’re rude, but it’s not like I’m trying to say them in real life, every single fricken day. (trying not to say frick. One bad habit…… LOL) So, after ranting about boring things, yes, the reason I’m didn’t write after I was allowed to do my own schedule, I quit writing. I still like writing stories, and right now, I want to try to write at least once per week, but yeah.

Back to the posts:

A review, more writing, and then:

What I do at the office.

My schedule, for what I do at the office. BOOM! Now you’ll know. It’s fun to go back in time to see what I’ve written.

Then I’m a writer on MLK, and I still wish racism wasn’t alive, or real, but it is. Read this: https://roenne.es/thoughts-on-mlk/

Then I wrote about how I would like to be a Power Ranger, which is an awesome TV show, (not the movie, the new 2017 movie sucks) and I wanted to be an Orange ranger. I kinda still do.

Then I talked about that it is ok to struggle. You shouldn’t give up either. Struggling helps you learn more, work harder, and it also teaches you to persevere.

Then all about Tim Howard, Easter, things like that. My warm mittens, (I don’t have then anymore, sadly) and then I have a post from February 2016, which is talking about “What is going on now”. But, that was from years ago.

Then I finally posted a new post, in 2017! It talked about why I didn’t post, so here it is:

What’s Up?

Then I did a Minecraft thingy, which explains why I LOVE MINECRAFT (after all these years) and my new YouTube channel:


Then I talked about my vacation, which was in Atlanta Georgia, which was awesome. I went to see El Clasico, a famous meeting between Messi and Ronaldo, who are two famous soccer players.

Then about Jupiter Beach Florida, which was nice. Then I talked about my little sister, Arden, whom I love so very much. Then, my new household member, Little Oliver, otherwise known as King Buddy.

Now, my poor fellow idiots! Do you still not know what this means? @)!*

Look at your keys. On the numbers. Now, what do you see?

Still the poor dumb idiot?

Fine, 2018 is @)!* . All those random numbers.

Hands up guys. We’re on a rollercoaster in the new year. It only stops when we reach the end of 2018. Holla!

BTW, I have a podcast I’m creating, and I wish that you take a look at it: https://roenne.es/posts/the-land-of-soskana/