This year at my school NOMAD, we learned about radios.  That was pretty cool.

Did you know that all (fm, I think) radios only have odd numbers? There are no even numbers. Also, “FM” stands for  Frequency Modulation, and “AM” stands for Amplitude Modulation. I think that Fm is for the higher waves, and Am is for pitch…..

So clueless.


Anyway, so , I like doing stuff. I made some pretty freaking awesome radios. It was like….. KABOOOM  awesome.

Ok, I’m making things up now.

But I did make some radios by Soldering (saaaaah-dor-ing) for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  It’s like welding but I use solder, and a soldering iron, and use that melt the solder onto a baseboard or something.

For my Humanities project, we made podcasts. I did one on women through communication: https://www.carrierpigeon.fm/listen-here/2018/1/18/static-girls-roenne-dylan

I also did Sacramentum: https://www.carrierpigeon.fm/listen-here/2018/1/19/sacramentum-cisco-and-sophia

My friend Sophia wasn’t there, so I took her character.  But she did do a lot of hard work. 🙂

I’m making a podcast that’s not for my school, cause Radio’s over. But It’ll be fun.