The girl that turned into a witch. Part 1

Once a pon a time, a woodcutter and his wife lived deep in the woods. they had a cottage and every Sunday one of them had to get food. They sold trees everyday. Winter was most popular. They sold about 10 of them for 55 dollars. They had enough money and only bought food that was cheap and not a lot of money. They were happy that they were a happy family. One day the wife, who’s name is Jen, said that she was going to have a baby in a couple days. They were glad but worried. They would need to go to a doctor and get the baby out. But alas, they only had enough to go to the doctor, but after that, they would not have any money. Scared and happy they new that at all cost, they would have to use all the money. So they did. Happy as a bumblebee, they took the new baby home and and took a nap. The mom went to take a walk in the woods. On her way back she saw a poor women. But she was kind to her and asked a couple questions. Like where you live and do you need wood because they needed more money. Now about the women… She is actually a witch! But all the witch said was “I am lost and need a bed to sleep in and have a little food.” Jen said “Of course!” But the witch was not lost. 

After Jen took the witch home to their cottage, She did exactly did as the women asked. Then at bed time, the witch crept into the Jen’s room and cast a spell to make Jen a witch! In the morning she felt different. And went to see her self in the mirror. She was horrified and went to the woods. Then her skin got crinkly like the old witches.

Need to know more? You will hear more later and next time. Bye!