The legend of the evil queen part 2

Welcome back! I hope you are ready to hear the second story of the legend of the evil queen (read part 1 here).

So remember the queen Lilian? Well after she faded away, she was in a dungeon full of spiders, poisonous spiders. Lilian fainted once more and felt tired. And as if she drank the evil queen potion and someone might of put a sleeping potion in it. So she fell asleep.

Back at the castle Janet was picking flowers for a feast to remember Lilian the queen and know one ever from that day on, ever went to the forest that Lilian took.

One day a hero came to the castle and heard the story of Lilian the queen. He said after the feast ‘I will save the queen’. No one moved. Frightened, the king came over and said ’you may not go’. ‘It is too dangerous for you to go’. No! said the prince. Angrily he said ’No one is stopping me!!!!!!! He bellowed. I’m leaving the day after tomorrow. And no stopping! The king said ‘do it if you want’. 

The queen Lilian woke up to see a sick place for all the sick people. The ghost nurse said to her ‘morning queen’.’Breakfast’? Yes please said Lilian. And thank you. And she made a thank you note for the ghost nurse.

Stay tuned for part 3! Bye!