The legend of the evil queen. Part 3

Wellcome back! This is the third story of the legend of the evil queen. Didn’t see 1 or 2, click here to see!

Well remember Lilian the queen? Well after she made a thank you card for the ghost nurse, she went to see the throne room. It was a beautiful sight but a little un tidy. She cleaned it up and it became a beauty. She liked the blood stains and she kept them there.

At the castle Janet the princess, was saying good bye to the prince and he went off. Through the forest he went non stoping and then saw the castle and took off to save the queen and he went to fast he stumbled on a tree root. Janet weeped and said when the price had gone, I want to marry him. The king said ‘ If he comes back with Lilian or not you can marry him. And Janet went to her room.

Lilian went to the throne and sat down. The ghosts and zombies bowed and said all together ‘we serve you your majesty’. And Lilian said ‘thank you my loyal fellows, thank you’. 

The prince was not far and he made it finally. He climbed the wall and saw the queen and he swooped down and grabbed her and made it back.

Janet was getting ready to have a morning walk with the king Peter. The other king was going to. They talked and talked. Then they went to have lunch. They had tuna sandwiches and grape juice. Then the princess had a nap.

When the prince got the queen out they made a run for it and made it back to the castle. Yay! They said. The king was so happy to see the queen again. They had a feast and The princess and prince got married. And they lived happily ever after. Yay! The end!