Thoughts on a mystery book.

This morning or a morning I was reading a book. A detective book. I was told by my father to tell what it is about. So here we go. The book had a ton of mysteries to solve. The very back had the answer. I love to know the answer to the mysteries. I’ve read the whole book already but it is good to read the book over because you can learn words that you did not know in the first place.

One mystery was called,The mystery of the roman pots. A boy named Gus Anthony made roman pots and went a little too far about what he said. A boy named Encyclopedia Brown (or Leory Brown) is the detective and is great at solving cases. He said that they weren’t really roman pots. Leory said that they weren’t really to Gus Anthony and he confessed and said that he just copied them from a magazine.

I think that if you want to do something like that you shouldn’t. You should be honest.