Time For A Soccer Chat

Today I have been asked ‘What do I like about soccer?’ And I said, well I have been playing soccer for 4 and a half seasons. I am playing Indoor soccer right now. I had a soccer coach for 3 and a half seasons. His name was coach Wilde (pronounce, Will-dee). I had played with Gavin and Alice for 3 and a half seasons too. But I had Alice on my dad’s team so 4 years I have been with Alice. I have a ton of friends. My dad’s team was called ‘The Wolf Pack’. I really liked the team. I have been playing Indoor soccer for a year (counting last season and this season equals 1 year). I am really happy to do a lot of soccer. One of my favorite soccer teams, coach Wilde’s, was called ‘The Flaming Fireballs’. Julia made it up.

 I am really happy to share this with you and I will see you later. Bye!