Tooth Lost!

Remember the day about the dentist? Well I lost the tooth and put it in a blue box. Last night I put it under my pillow with a note to say some things to the tooth fairy (if you don’t believe in the tooth fairy, don’t read this blog) saying sorry about the cavity. She is my personal tooth fairy, so no chances you will get her. Her name is “Rosalina”. She has been coming and going for the past 2 years to me and to where she lives with other fairies. She is really cool at writing in cool ways. Like… this, Hi Roenne and other cool ways! Pretty amazing right? I know! Every time I put my tongue there (in the place where my tooth was) I kinda think that it is weird to do it. (I mean you know, I kinda think that it is weird to put my tongue in between two teeth.) Even so, it was scary to get the shots in my mouth. 3 shots! I know ouchy, right?  

Well I really need to bale, so bye!