What I did this weekend

Hi! I’m glad that you could make it. Today I am going to talk about my weekend. Well first of all, I went to a soccer game on Sunday 2/1/15 or February 1, 2015. It was a rough game against Netherlands. My team is France and some of my team has not done Indoor soccer yet. I was really frustrated the first game because nobody was knew what to do what to do so I got mad. I like indoor soccer better than outdoor soccer because indoor is more fun, more easier than outdoor soccer. Indoor also kelps me do better kicks ‘cause’ the grass is more harder then concrete and when you kick the ball it rolls down pretty fast. And when I play indoor soccer it’s more fun than jumping on a jellybean. Well on Saturday… well… I partly forgot so… well I did play with my sister Arden and we had a great time playing with each other and we love each other a lot. Thank you for coming to hear about what I did on the weekend. Bye!