What I do at the office.

Hi! First of all, glad you could make it. Secondly what I do at the office (my dad’s) is firs of all I have a schedule and know what I do for the day. Todays schedule is 8:20 states (memorize where they go) 8:40 I do some khan academy (I do some work on history and things) 9:10 writing (like right now what I’m doing) 9:30 fun time ( dilly dally on computer and iPhone) 10:00 coding, 10:30 vocabulary, 11:00 lunch and 12:30 fun time? Maybe. I also have a lot of friends. I know… Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Sarah Mr. Joe (I don’t really talk to him) and other people. I know them so well, that I strongly say ‘HI’! See you later, Bye!