Who is my bestie?

Hello! I am ready for action. Ok who is my bestie?  Well I have a couple of best friends. Well first of all there are two categories. One is “the bestie for life!” Second is “Best friends that won’t last forever.” My bestie and my only bestie thats for life is my sister! Her name is Arden! She is known for being a good fighter, goofy, sometimes mean and stubborn, kind, beautiful, and doobydoo. I really like having a sister that is your best friend. A best friend that is in the second category, is Dalia. She is nice to me and she is sometimes a promise breaker. I still think that its ok to have a friend like that because she super cool and sweet I guess.  Another best friend that is not so nice but cool, is Lilia. She is only mean on the bus.  When she says she will sit with me, she ends up with other friends. Gabby is one of her friends.  Sometimes when we sit together, they all are super boring. They say that they are tired, but really. All they are happy about is having playdates with each other. They act excited when getting off the bus. I’m glad I get a break from them. I am homeschooled now so whew! Another friend that is my favorite bestie in the second category, is Lottie. Lottie has red hair and is really nice. I miss her a lot.

So what friends or people do you like or love? Gotta here thoughts, Bye!